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Q.  How much space do we need for setup? 

A.  We usually need a space of 10x10 for setup. However, if your space is smaller we can work with it.


Q.  What time do we arrive for set up? 

A.  We arrive 1 hour before event to setup. 


Q.  How much is the deposit? 

A.  The deposit is $150 and it goes towards balance.


Q.  Do you have contracts?

A.  Yes, we have contracts. All events must have contracts sign before deposit is taken. 


Q.  Do you have insurance? 

A.  Yes we have insurance. We can also provide certificate of insurance to venues. 


Q.  What are basic white template 2x6 prints? 

A.  Basic white template 2x6 prints are all white templates with name and date only. No design. 


Q.  What are custom template 2x6 & 4x6 prints?

A.  These prints are custom designed. We have an large gallery of designs, fonts, colors, flowers, shapes and       much more to make each custom template unique for our customers. 


Q. What kind of props are provided for events? 

A. We provide props according to the event. We are constantly updating our props and keeping them fun. If you want custom props we can help with that too. 


Q.  What is the booking process?

A.  Fill out the form, we will get in touch and finalize your package. Next we will send contract for signing then collect deposit, that's it. you're booked.

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